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May 18 2016


Private Chef employment

The Need to Hire The Rite Private Chef

A private chef quite different from a private chef. A concealed chef is a chief cook who is exclusively employed by one client. In some case, the private chef lives within the client's house.
In the meantime, a personal pastry-cook is a chief cook who is in command of preparing the meals for a prospect within the client's own kitchen at home. The chef results in the meals driven by dietary and nutritional requirements and personal tastes of the client. Ordinarily, the chef prepares the foodstuff in advance and leaves them packaged in containers. These containers subsequently make the refrigerated and frozen, left it doesn't need to be thawed and heated by the client later on.

A Personal Chef Is Different From A Private Chef

There are many cases wherein the private cook can also be requested to take control the preparation of the food for top-end dinner parties and other special occasions in the client's own residence. This implies the chef will shop, prepared the food and serve it to the guests. He is also placed in charge of the rest of the aspects whatever the dinner preparations, which includes staff. The menu is ready before hand and then prepared.
Based on the rules of the health department, all food should be prepared in the house of the client or with the cooking that went through the inspection of official health inspectors and passed.

Duties Of A Private Chef

When hiring a classified chef it has to be remembered by both the chef and the employer which the cook works best for you one employer or in some cases, multiple employers. The cook prepares and cooks meals to them and their own families and sometimes their friends. The chef however, cannot be assigned to add other kitchen-related duties. Neither is he placed in command of managing staff or teams regarding the kitchen.
Another difference between private chefs and personal chefs is this: personal chefs can be used to take charge of huge gatherings like birthday celebrations and various events for their bosses. Private chefs, meanwhile, only cook for any company looking on hiring new staff however when needed, for minimal, intimate gatherings such as those in the bosses' house, in private yachts or planes.
When hiring a personal chef, there is no limit to the expense the chef will accumulate when preparing the meals. A personal chef, meanwhile, will have to supply the client options to produce a packaged meal service. He has also to organize a plan for the approval of the client, this is also the same for private chefs.


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